Auto Restoration

If you are seeking for an auto restoration shop to restore your old truck, come over to AA Auto Collision. We are experts in both complete and partial restoration of old sports cars and British classics. And we even handle 1915 train cars! Our restoration shop in Santa Cruz is equipped with all the tools required for each stage of the rebuilding process from metal fabrication to engine repair to upholstery and final assembly. That is why you can count on us to help you complete your restoration project in a shorter time at one of the lowest prices in the industry.

Get Your Classic Cars Restored with Perfect Matching Lines on All Panels

Your project comes out of our shop looking perfectly remodeled to the highest manufacturer’s standards. All the lines from the back to the front align perfectly. Through every stage of the restoration process, we keep your desire for a perfect finish in mind. No matter what the condition of the car is when you bring it in, we will deliver it back to you with super straight body and excellent paint work that will satisfy the most critical customer.

Enjoy Complete Restoration of Engine Power, Interior Beauty and Amazing Upholstery at an Affordable Price

When our clients come to us for restoration work, they usually express fears about the cost of the project. You have nothing to fear. After working on restoration projects for several decades, our crew has developed ways of minimizing the cost of all jobs. We have manuals, pictures, diagrams and layouts for most of the old classic cars, muscle cars, sports cars, and other popular cars used from the early 1900s. That is why we can help you to replace or rebuild new interior panels and upholstery, modify your dashboard, and undertake all kinds of mechanical restoration work on your vehicle.

Get Perfectly Aligned Body Panels from Our Expert Restoration Crew

Do you want an eye-catching paint job with a perfect mirror finish? We ensure that all the body panels of your car are perfectly restored and reassembled to give you a perfect alignment. In fact, if you look it into the body of the panels of the car you will be able to see a perfect mirror image of all objects within the view of the car. We offer nothing but a perfect finish that will last for many years.

Design, Build or Modify a Special Auto Body With Superior Fabrication Technology

We will help you to repair your vehicle’s frame with cutting-edge fabrication techniques. With our automated fabrication equipment and talented metal fabricators, we repair and re-build truck beds, bumpers, grilles and many other vehicle components.

What People Are Saying About Us Online

Oksana Aprile

Oksana Aprile

I found out about this place by recommendation and was impressed by their service! Fast, thorough and friendly.

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Great body shop. Excellent repair, great pricing and I will be back

Bring Your Classic Cars to Our Workshop Today

If you reside in Santa Cruz, you don’t need to keep postponing the re-building of your cars. Call us now and we will let you know what you need for a complete or partial restoration of your car. At AA Auto Collision, we do it faster and with exceptional accuracy.