Frequently Asked Questions

Not all auto shops service the same kinds of cars. Some might have expertise for foreign cars, while others might not. Some specialize in high-end vehicles; others don’t. You need to know that the shop you choose is equipped to handle your vehicle’s requirements.

Trustworthy auto body shops stand by their work. This is represented by a favorable warranty policy – particularly for major jobs like engine repair work or paint jobs. This can provide you with some peace of mind, just in case, anything should go wrong. When looking at a warranty policy, there are a couple of key factors to look for.

It is important to ask whether or not the auto body shop has insurance coverage that extends to the vehicles on site. If your car is damaged because the auto shop catches fire, is flooded, or experiences a natural disaster, you should receive compensation from their insurance company. Also, ask about their policy coverage for auto theft or damage. You will want reassurance that you will be covered if your vehicle is stolen from the property or damaged by someone on the premises.

If your auto body shop insists on using only brand-new parts for replacements, know that you will be paying a pretty penny for it. Shops that use aftermarket or used parts will likely offer you lower prices – be sure that their warranty will cover you if anything goes wrong.

The way that the auto body shop charges you can have a major impact on repairs’ overall cost. Some hourly rates can be incredibly overpriced, often due to the location. If the shop is located in an area where the median salary rate is higher than average, labor costs can be upwards of $70 to even $90 per hour! Depending on the type of work you need to be done, a place that charges per project might be better – particularly for smaller repairs.

Obviously, you want to take your vehicle to a place where only qualified professionals are working on it. Some auto body shops will display their worker’s certifications. If not, be sure to ask about the minimum requirements they have for all employees.

We ensure that all the body panels of your car are perfectly restored and reassembled to give you a perfect alignment. In fact, if you look it into the body of the panels of the car you will be able to see a perfect mirror image of all objects within the view of the car. We offer nothing but a perfect finish that will last for many years.