Auto Dent Repair and Removal

Bring your dented vehicle to our body shop and we will hand it over to you with perfectly smooth body panels. We are specialists in professional auto dent repair and removal. Our specially trained personnel use the best tools and techniques to provide prompt and perfect dent removal for all types of vehicles.

Auto Dent Removal Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz

Take Advantage of Our Pin Welding Technology for Quick Dent Removal

Your vehicle panels will be restored to their original pre-accident shape without removing the panels from the body frame. Our dent repair system can help you to remove all dents from steel, aluminum and other body panel materials. To help you increase the lifespan and value of your car, we use a technique that retains the original thickness of your body panels and prevents any form thinning during the process.

Professional Dent Removal without Any Damage to Other Body Panels

When you bring your car to AA Auto Collision for dent repair, you can be sure that other parts of the car will not get damaged during the repair. Our dent repair tools will pull out the dent from multiple angles without damaging the surrounding panels.

In addition, we use our vehicle body repair system to shrink and pull various metal surfaces together so that your car can be perfectly restored to its original shape.

Get Flawless Dent Repair with Minimum Filler and Amazingly Smooth Body Panels

Since we are using the best dent removal technology available today, we only put very minimal filler before painting the portion that was previously dented. In some cases, there’s no need to add any filler for minor dents.

We do our best to ensure that we use very little filler so that the affected section can remain smooth for several years. If there is a large amount of filler used, the filler will not allow the paint to stick to the metal surface properly and this will cause paint to peel off as the car gets older

Enjoy Complete Paint Matching and Blending

One of the greatest benefits we offer through this service is perfect blending of the repaired panels with other surrounding body panels. So whether the dent occurred on the hood, at the rear, or on any of the doors of your car, when we finish removing the dent and re-paint your automobile, you will be amazed at the results.

There are several details involved in matching the paint used on a repaired body section with all the other surrounding areas. We use tested and proven methods for exact paint matching and blending. We are totally committed to delivering your vehicle to you in a splendid state through a professional touch acquired from several decades of experience.

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We are waiting to receive your call. If you reside in the Santa Cruz area, call us today to ask any questions about our dent repair and removal service. Or visit our workshop for a free evaluation. We will help you to restore the shape, color, and beauty of your car.

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Oksana Aprile

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Janet Mason

Great body shop. Excellent repair, great pricing and I will be back

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